The LUMCON Port Fourchon laboratory is located in Port Fourchon, LA, approximately 85 miles southwest of New Orleans and 75 miles southeast of the W. J. DeFelice Marine Center in Cocodrie, LA. The site, near the mouth of Bayou Lafourche, provides field access to vast salt and brackish marshes, barrier islands and offshore environments of the northern Gulf of Mexico.


In 1973, the Wisner Foundation funded the building of the Port Fourchon Laboratory for the Nicholls State University biology program. At that time, this was the only facility available for use on the Louisiana Gulf Coast. Therefore, the facility was in high demand, and when the Nicholls State biology program did not use the building, other universities in Louisiana and surrounding states were given the opportunity. A group of high school students from the Midwest even traveled to the laboratory for a few years.

Six years after completion of the building (1979), the Nicholls State University biology department donated the field laboratory to the newly formed LUMCON organization. After which, all universities in the state had an equal opportunity to use the facility.

Current Status

The Port Fourchon field station is currently closed to ALL visitors.

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