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LUMCONs Small Boat Fleet Gains a Vessel

LUMCONs Small Boat Fleet Gains a Vessel

January 24, 2012

Through a donation by Mr. Jack Anderson, LUMCON has added the Gadwall to our fleet of small boats.  At 37 ft. 4 in. in length, the Gadwall recently became the largest “small” vessel in LUMCON’s fleet.  The boat was made in 2006 and it is a fiberglass cabin cruiser catamaran, with inboard/outboard diesel motors.
The Gadwall’s first trip as a research vessel was to Mississippi Canyon 118 as part of a gas hydrates study for Dr. Carol Lutken of the Mississippi Minerals Resources Institute.
LUMCON would like to express our appreciation to Mr. Anderson for his support of LUMCON’s mission with his generous donation.
Contact Joe Malbrough jmalbrough@lumcon.edu for scheduling.