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Rabalais Wins Benchley Award for Excellence in Science

Rabalais Wins Benchley Award for Excellence in Science

February 29, 2012

On Valentine’s Day—because they love the ocean—the Blue Frontier Campaign’s 5th annual Peter Benchley Ocean Award winners were announced. The official awards ceremony and dinner will take place June 1st at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.

The Peter Benchley Ocean Awards inspire hope by honoring those who put broad solutions into practice every day and thus challenge others to strive to do as well.  This year, LUMCON Executive Director Dr. Nancy Rabalais earned the award for Excellence in Science for her 29 year commitment to advancing the science of hypoxia and for her tireless work to find ways to reduce the surplus of fertilizer running down the Mississippi.

The awards were named in honor of author Peter Benchley, who wrote both fiction and non-fiction, books about the oceans, and was an advocate for marine conservation.  Benchley most famous work was the novel Jaws and the screenplay of the movie.