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LUMCON Attends Spring Events

LUMCON Attends Spring Events

April 30, 2012

The morning started wet, rainy and cold on Saturday, April 21 as Shanna Bonvillain and Amanda Fontenot prepared for the Lady Bug Ball at Southdown Plantation. Unfortunately, the weather did not improve for the remainder of the day, but LUMCON’s display still drew a few intrepid fair goers. The fund raiser supports the South Louisiana Wetland Discovery Center in Houma. LUMCON is a participating marine education advisor for the Center. The big draw for the festival is the release of lady bugs and butterflies. The bugs were released the following Sunday for fewer participants, but the day was sunny, clear and beautiful for their beginning in the “wild.”
The following day, Murt Conover, Nancy Rabalais and John Conover saw about 700 visitors at the LUMCON booth at the Louisiana Earth Day Celebration in Baton Rouge. Their weather was the same sunny, clear and beautiful into which the Houma lady bugs were released farther south. LUMCON was part of the Wetland Tent area sponsored by the Louisiana Sea Grant College Program and held under the beautiful oak trees along North Boulevard. The activity at the booth was non-stop from noon (and before) through the end of the afternoon. The booth featured a collection of bones, shells, shark jaws and other items from the LUMCON collections room “bone zone.” Kids from two to teens colored and constructed wetland animal door hangers to take home and learn more about Louisiana’s living resources. One of the older kids, Nancy Rabalais, was particularly proud of her Mardi Gras fiddler crab. Tens of thousands of visitors enjoyed the Earth Day celebration, and LUMCON was proud to be one of the many groups increasing their environmental awareness.