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Senior Sooner Students Study Sediments by the Sea Shore

Senior Sooner Students Study Sediments by the Sea Shore

May 24, 2012

A group of senior-level undergraduate students from the University of Oklahoma spent several days in mid May at LUMCON as part of a capstone geology course.  The group was led by Professor Douglas Elmore, as part of a comparative study of sediments in various regions of the U.S., with those of the Mississippi River deltaic plain being the focus in Louisiana.

The group stayed at the DeFelice Marine Center and collected sediment cores at mud flats in the surrounding marsh.  They took a trip to a barrier island, Trinity Island, with University Education Coordinator, Nicole Cotten.  The students collected core samples from both the beach and bay sides of the island.  Cotton discussed how the island has changed, as well as protection and restoration projects that have been completed on this dynamic and rapidly eroding barrier.

The group’s next stop will be in Colorado to gather “older” soil to compare to the “younger” soil of the Louisiana coast.