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LUMCON Featured in BLUE NOTES 99

LUMCON Featured in BLUE NOTES 99

May 24, 2012

BLUE NOTES, a publication of the non-profit ocean conservation group Blue Frontier Campaign, featured the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium in its “Seaweed Spotlight” for May. http://www.bluefront.org/wordpress/?p=3381#4 by David Helvarg
“To get to Cocodrie, Louisiana, about 85 miles southwest of New Orleans, you take Highway 56 out of Houma past the oil tank farms, and sugar cane fields. Pretty soon you’re driving past houses and trailers jacked 15 feet off the ground, with wetlands and water all around. Cocodrie (fractured French for “crocodile”) may not be the end of the world, but when you think you’re close, look off to your right and you’ll see what appears to be a small tan airport terminal on concrete pylons. That’s LUMCON. Rather than commuter planes, several work boats are docked off to one side, including the 116-foot steel-hulled Research Vessel Pelican……….