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2012 Dead Zone Forecast Now Available

2012 Dead Zone Forecast Now Available

June 21, 2012

Dr. Nancy Rabalais has released the 2012 hypoxic (low oxygen) zone size prediction.  The .pdf format document is available here:  http://www.gulfhypoxia.net/News/documents/2012_hypoxia_forecast.pdf

Rabalais and team estimate that the area of hypoxia in July 2012 will cover 6,213 mi2 (16,092 km2),  an area sightly larger than the state of Connecticut.  If the forecast is correct, this will be the 15th largest since systematic mapping of the hypoxic zone began in 1985.

The researchers will gather data to determine the actual size of the Dead Zone on a mapping cruise from July 22 to 31.  Follow the research team's progress and view the data collected daily at http://www.gulfhypoxia.net .