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Teachers Soar High Above Coastal Louisiana

Teachers Soar High Above Coastal Louisiana

June 29, 2012

A teacher education workshop, From H-2-O, was held at the LUMCON Marine Center on June 14-16. The participants experienced a unique tour of surrounding coastal marshes.  They climbed into airplanes to get a bird’s-eye-view of the watershed at the southern-most edge of Terrebonne Parish.  From the air, the teachers were able to really see how much water flows into lower Terrebonne Parish and the effects of coastal land loss on the natural hydrology of the system.    ”Saltwater intrusion has caused a lot of changes to our system, but you cannot really understand the total cost until you see it from the air”, says one of the participants.  ”This experience will greatly increase my ability to teach my students about water quality and coastal land loss.” Hammond Air Services and their pilots and Butler Aviation ably led the tours so that the area covered illustrated the range of landscapes in the area. 

Marine Educator and program leader Murt Conover said, "It was truly an honor to get to provide this experience for teachers.  I hope that this point of reference will stay with them for a very long time."