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Shifting A Photographic Essay of Coastal Change in Louisiana

Shifting A Photographic Essay of Coastal Change in Louisiana

July 30, 2012

Photographer and artist Michel Verisco presented her photography entitled Shifting  at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans ending in July.  Michel used current science, aesthetics and knowledge of the precarious existence of people and ecosystems in southeastern Louisiana for the backdrop of her photography. The works were shown in a large gallery with photographs around the exterior walls and hanging fabric transparencies amidst which a person could walk and sense the impacts of the coastal landscape that she was documenting. Her work is available at (http://michelvarisco.com or michelvarisco.dphoto.com). She also published a book “Shifting” of her gallery photography and more, which is available through her web sites or in the museum shop of the Ogden Museum in New Orleans. Her work benefited from the expertise of Dan Etheridge and Doug Meffert (from Tulane University), Dr. John Lopez and Ann Rheames (Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation and Save our Coast) Dr. Suzanne Fredericq (University of Louisiana at Lafayette), and Dr. Bob Thomas (Loyola) to name a few.