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First LUMCON Scientist Retires

First LUMCON Scientist Retires

August 17, 2012

After over thirty years, Dr. Mike Dagg is retiring from LUMCON.  Dagg was the first scientist to join LUMCON in 1981 in its formative years.  His love for and curiosity regarding the sea was already evident at the tender age of 5, when he used to vacation with his parents by the sea, as was evident from some of his personal photographs. 

Dr. Dagg broke new ground with his extensive studies of zooplankton in the open ocean as well as in coastal waters.  His studies regarding carbon flow in the ocean, and connectivity between the land and the sea are well known and respected internationally throughout the scientific world of biological oceanography.  His research mainly focused on zooplankton processes and climate change, and he authored or co-authored nearly seventy refereed publications throughout his career.  He recently co-edited a volume on “Marine Ecosystems of the North Pacific Ocean, 2003-2008,” PICES Special Publication 4, an impressive compilation of status and trends. His research has taken him to conduct experiments in the Atlantic, Pacific, and the Antarctic. 

Regarding administration, Mike served as Interim Executive Director of LUMCON from 1990-1991 and later as Executive Director from 1996 to 2002.  Dagg was also responsible for bringing in millions of dollars in research grant funding while at LUMCON.  He also taught at some of the Consortium universities, predominantly Louisiana State University and Tulane University.  He also taught summer courses and team-taught distance learning courses from the LUMCON Marine Center.  These focused on zooplankton ecology, climate change, and biological oceanography. 

Dr. Dagg is retiring in the Seattle, WA area, and we wish him well with this new phase of his life and in his continuing and new endeavors.