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LUMCON Fares Well After Hurricane Isaac

LUMCON Fares Well After Hurricane Isaac

August 31, 2012

LUMCON was well prepared, evacuated and battened down for the arrival of Hurricane Isaac on August 28th.  All vehicles, boats and equipment were evacuated by Tuesday morning, and although the facility lost power, the backup systems worked well.  The facility regained full power by Friday, August 31.

As for flooding, the water did not begin to come in until Wednesday evening and because the slowly creeping water was not muddy, cleanup was much easier than it has been with previous storms.  The grounds were flooded and there was only about 2 inches of water on the ground slab, into the lobby, stairwells and other downstairs areas.

Blowing rain caused some puddles in dormitories and other rooms where it entered through door and window seals.  A few vent covers blew off the roof, but most have been found and replaced.

With so few ill-effects to the DeFelice Marine Center from Hurricane Isaac, LUMCON was back up to speed and officially open on Tuesday morning Hurricane Isaac.