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2012 LUMCON REU Wrap-Up

2012 LUMCON REU Wrap-Up

August 31, 2012

From front, left to right: Aaron Marti, Shanina Halbert, Kelsey Ellis, Chelsea Sexton, Emily Hladky, Matthew Rich, Alex Jenson, Adam Younes

From their arrival on May 28th, until their departure on August 4th, eight undergraduate students from throughout the United States spent a challenging, stimulating and productive summer as interns in LUMCON’s REU program. 
The interns experienced research first hand through a series of field trips, including a trip into the wetlands, a fly-over of coastal Louisiana and a research cruise aboard the R/V Pelican.  Besides field trips, the interns attended workshops and seminars. The primary focus of their internships, however, was their work on their research projects under the leadership of LUMCON faculty mentors.

The 2012 REU interns and their mentors are:

  • Kelsey Ellis, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Mentor: Nancy Rabalais
  • Shanina Halbert, Haverford College (NY); Mentor: Brian Roberts
  • Emily Hladky, Eckerd College (FL); Mentor: Alex Kolker
  • Alexander Jensen, University of Maine; Mentor: Ed Chesney
  • Aaron Marti, University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point; Mentor: Brian Roberts
  • Matthew Rich, University of Arkansas – Fayetteville; Mentor: Brian Roberts
  • Chelsea Sexton, University of Georgia; Mentor: Nancy Rabalais
  • Adam Younes, New York Stony Brook University; Mentor: Ed Chesney

The objectives of the LUMCON REU program are to 1) expose students to a variety of research settings and disciplines of coastal and marine science, 2) facilitate the design, implementation and completion of individual, independent research projects, 3) train students in basic research skills in oral and written scientific presentation skills, 4) expose participants to the diversity of career paths that exist in science as well as a diverse ensemble of role models, 5) teach participants about the linkages between scientific research and ecosystem management, and 6) develop a cohort of future scientists through a common research experience and opportunities for both formal and informal exchange and communication between students and between students and mentors.
For more information about the LUMCON REU program, click here.