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LUMCON Present at Mexico National Congress on Oceanography

LUMCON Present at Mexico National Congress on Oceanography

September 27, 2012

The 17th National Congress of Oceanography for the Southern Gulf of Mexico was held in Campeche, Mexico on September 11-12. Dr. Nancy Rabalais, Executive Director of LUMCON, was an invited speaker in a session that highlighted the Gulf of Mexico Large Marine Ecosystem. She reported on the behalf of the Gulf of Mexico Coastal Ocean Observing System on the program’s status and future, especially with regard to Mexico-US collaboratives. She also addressed the Congress on issues of “Hypoxia and Contamination in the Gulf of Mexico.” The issues facing the U.S. are repeated in the southern Gulf of Mexico with regard to large river effluents to the Gulf of Campeche. Dr. Rabalais is working with the GoMx LME to develop a plan for investigation of hypoxia off the Grimjalva-Ushumacinto river in the Bay of Campeche for submission to the United Nations UNIDO program.