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Chesney to Study Oil Spill Toxicity

Chesney to Study Oil Spill Toxicity

September 27, 2012

Dr. Ed Chensey, LUMCON, was successful in receiving funds from the BP-funded Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative in round II of the competition destined for single- or small-collaborative investigations. His research is focused on “Defining Ecologically Relevant Sublethal Effects: How do Low Levels of Exposure to Oil and Dispersants Affect Performance and Survival of Larvae of Gulf Nekton?” The focus is how the early live stages of ecologically and commercially important Gulf of Mexico fish and invertebrate species to exposures of lethal and sub-lethal levels of oil under conditions that mimic natural scenarios in play during Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Many important species were affected because spring and summer is the principal spawning period for most species. Dr. Chesney is joined by Dr. Ralph Portier of Louisiana State University, Department of Environmental Studies, and a soon to collaborator in the field of ecotoxicology.