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REU Interns Begin Their Ten-Week Adventure

REU Interns Begin Their Ten-Week Adventure

June 30, 2013

On June third, seven students from a pool of nearly 150 applicants began their ten-week internship with LUMCON as participants in the National Science Foundation, Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program.   Each intern works on a project under the guidance of a LUMCON faculty mentor. 
Listed below are the interns, their universities, mentors and project titles:

Name University Mentor(s) Project Title
Steven Carrion University of Central Florida Drs. Nancy Rabalais and Chuck Wall Examining long-term impacts of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on infaunal communities in Terrebonne Bay
Daniel Coleman Tulane University Dr. Alex Kolker Use of bivalves as indicators of submarine groundwater discharge in the Mississippi River Delta
Joanna Griffiths Pacific Lutheran University Drs. Ed Chesney and Tara Duffy The effects of crude oil on critical life stages in marine larvae: A comparison of invertebrates and vertebrates
Sara Mack University of Maryland Drs. Brian Roberts and John Marton Iron reduction rates in Black Mangrove and Spartina alterniflora soils in western Barataria Bay
Tierra Moore Rice University Drs. Brian Roberts and John Marton Potential greenhouse gas production between Spartina alternaflora and Avicennia germinans in the Louisiana salt marsh
Anne Schneider University of South Carolina Dr. Alex Kolker Strategic profile of a Lac Des Allemands paleochannel
Allison White Texas A&M-Galveston Drs. Ed Chesney and Tara Duffy Effectiveness of baited and non-baited mini-chevron traps on the capture of reef-associated fishes near petroleum platforms

The interns will present the findings of their projects in August before departing on the 13th.
Life isn’t all microscopes and lab coats for the REU participants.  The interns attend workshops that build skills in writing proposals and scientific papers and also informative workshops to help them plan their post-undergraduate lives.  Another part of their internship experience takes them out into the field with trips on research vessels, airplane flights, canoeing experiences and a visit to a freshwater diversion site in a cypress swamp.

"The LUMCON REU program is intensive" said intern Tierra Moore.  "It has allowed me to connect some of the environmental crises I have learned about in school with hands-on research.  Thanks to the program, I’ve seen wetlands land loss first hand, and am studying biogeochemical changes."