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Students LEAD to Learn More about Marine Science

Students LEAD to Learn More about Marine Science

July 16, 2013

Does sinking up to your knees in a salt marsh and “bedazzling” blue crabs sound like fun?  If you answered “yes,” you are in good company.  Those are just two of the many activities LUMCON Estuarine Awareness and Discovery (LEAD) campers enjoyed.

From June 23rd to June 29th, LUMCON hosted eighteen Louisiana students at the marine center for LEAD camp.  The campers participated in a wide range of activities including a blue crab population survey, barrier island exploration, salt marsh habitat assessment and a bay biodiversity study.  While at the marine center the student had almost full access to science labs, research vessels, field locations, and many scientists.
LEAD camper Chase Landry of Berwick enjoyed the social aspect of LEAD camp, as well as the activities.  “I enjoyed meeting new people,” said Landry. “And I was happy to meet two instructors from Nicholls.”  Landry enjoyed LUMCON so much that he plans to visit again before school starts in August.

It’s not only the campers who enjoy LEAD camp.  When asked about the camp, LUMCON Senior Marine Educator Murt Conover said, “LEAD Camp is exactly what I would have liked to do as a high school student.  I am so excited that LUMCON can offer this kind of experience to our students.  For some students this will be the experience that ignites the spark of interest that may become a future career.  That in itself is greatest impact we can make!”
LEAD camp is offered every year.  It will be offered in 2014 from June 22 to June 28th.  Mark your calendars!  Applications for the 2014 camp will be released by January 1st, 2014.
To see photos from this year’s camp, please visit http://gallery.lumcon.edu/index.php/?page=3