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Teachers Get to the Root of Coastal Science at LUMCON

Teachers Get to the Root of Coastal Science at LUMCON

July 29, 2013

The Coastal Waters Consortium (CWC), LUMCON and LSU Coastal Roots joined forces to provide a two-day workshop to help teachers provide their students a better understanding of the importance of healthy marshes.
On June 21st, the workshop participants set out to learn more about water quality and salt marsh habitats.  The marsh was kind to the teachers (no boots were lost) as they did salt marsh transects and profiling.  The experience gave workshop participants an opportunity to observe how the interior of a marsh can be very different from its edges.   Besides marsh field studies, the group also learned more about how to grow plants with their students to use in restoration plantings, how to collect water quality data with Bayouside Classroom and gained insight into research projects being done through the CWC and Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI).

To see photos of the teachers in the field you can visit http://gallery.cwc.lumcon.edu/index.php/Coastal-Roots-Discovers-Coastal-Waters.

To learn more about the CWC please visit http://cwc.lumcon.edu/.

To learn more about Bayouside Classroom visit http://www.lumcon.edu/education/K-12/StudentDatabase/

To learn more about the Coastal Roots Program visit http://coastalroots.lsu.edu/