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CWC Family Activity Day

CWC Family Activity Day

December 16, 2013

It was a day of near non-stop activity for the participants in the Discovering Coastal Waters Science Family Event.  The day-long event for parents and kids was held on Saturday, December 14th and sponsored by LUMCON and the Coastal Waters Consortium (CWC).

The purpose of the workshop was to introduce families to the science behind the CWC research projects.  Marine Educators Murt Conover and Jessica Hernandez began the day with an introduction to the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI), CWC and LUMCON.
Activities included hands-on activities to acquaint participants with the marsh’s smaller occupants – dip net fishing in the front pond and examining phytoplankton under a microscope.  Other fun and educational activities at the workshop included phytoplankton races, a demonstration with a model lander and a biogeochemical demonstration that simulates some of the chemistry research being done through CWC (see photo above).  One father described the chemistry demonstration as, “a fun, foamy mess.  Just the kind of thing that kids love.”

For more information about CWC research and future CWC events, visit: http://CWC.lumcon.edu