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Activities Scheduling Fees Policies Handbook

Help us make yours the best experience possible. For more information about LUMCON policies,and before you travel to LUMCON, please read the complete POLICIES FOR LUMCON GUESTS. This short list of policies will help you plan for your trip:

  1. Communicate with the receptionist and educators:
    • Give them accurate arrival and departure times, and inform them of changes to your group number.
    • Increasing the number of participants requires educator approval.
    • Have your students wear name tags with their first name.

  2. Be prepared for field conditions:
    • All outdoor activties require closed-toe shoes. Crocs are not adequate for canoeing or the Acadiana cruise.
    • Bring sunscreen and bug spray.
    • Bring a change of clothes with extra shoes if you have planned outdoor activities.
    • Prepare for weather and changes in weather: In winter, bring layers of warm clothing. In summer, bring a light jacket or long sleeve shirt to protect from sun, insects,and air conditioning.
    • Bring rain gear.

  3. Chaperones and teachers participate in all activities and enforce discipline:
    • Group leaders are responsible for student activities after 8:30 pm. They are responsible for student behavior at all times.
    • Fishing from the dock is allowed with adult supervision and proper licenses; please follow state fishing regulations.

  4. Quiet hours of 10:00 pm - 6:00 am will be enforced by the security guard.
    If you would like to change the quiet hours to 10:30 pm, please inform your educator, who will tell the security guard.

Educators work to minimize the dangers inherent in laboratory and field activities. Each educator is authorized to cancel any field trip because of inclement weather, poor behavior of students or chaperones, inadequate numbers of chaperones, or any other reason.