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Activities Scheduling Fees Policies Handbook

Timing of Requests and Acceptances

K-12 and teacher education experiences at LUMCON are scheduled by the academic school year (September - May). If you are interested in scheduling a field trip for a summer camp, please see the note below about Summer Reservations.

Reservation requests may be submitted on-line any time of the year. However, submitting your materials by May 1 will increase your odds of successfully booking a trip for the upcoming school year. Please feel welcome to continue to submit requests after this date.

LUMCON has limited resources and personnel for conducting its marine education activities, and would like to serve a maximum number of schools and students. Accommodating your request is a high priority, but unfortunately not all requests can be accepted.

Review of requests begins on August 1 for the coming academic year, and accepted field trips are notified through a postcard and email within the following week. Remaining requests are placed on a stand by list and are notified as such. If additional schedule openings arise, the standby list will be revisited for accommodation. If and when it becomes obvious that a group cannot be accommodated, they will be notified.

Requesting a Field Trip

  1. Review activities offered by Marine Education.
  2. Read Rules & Policies before submitting your request.
  3. Call LUMCON at (985)851-2800 M-F 8:00 - 4:30 PM (excluding holidays) to request a field trip.

Notification of Field Trip Reservations

  1. Individuals will be notified of their reservation status by a) a postcard to the school/organization address and b) an email. This notice will inform the group leader of the following:
    • Marine educator: The person with whom the group leader should contact in the event of modifications to the educational program, changes in the group number, and changes in the dates and times of arrival and departure.
    • Dates reserved
    • Modifications to the request
    • Requests for additional information
  2. Please:
    • Provide any information needed promptly
    • Adapt your plan as necessary to modifications
  3. You will receive a confirmation form from LUMCON's receptionist approximately six weeks before your field trip.
  4. Please return this promptly one month before your field trip.
  5. Please keep in mind that changes to existing reservations (arrival date, time, number of participants, activities, etc.) MUST BE confirmed with your educator before the field trip.

Summer Reservations

  1. LUMCON has a summer program for university students, and use by K-12, teacher and public education groups will be placed on the calendar as facilities and personnel allow.
  2. K-12 and Teacher groups will not be scheduled for summer field trips, workshops, etc. prior to the April 1 deadline for summer program registration. Facilities availability is not definite until after registration has ended.
  3. K-12 teachers wanting to learn more about Marine Science are encouraged to consider taking a summer course.
  4. You may submit a request for a summer field trip or workshop throughout the year by following the Requesting a Field Trip section on this page. When the summer schedule is known, Marine Educators will make decisions based on availability and notify you as soon as possible.