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Through the education department, LUMCON strives to:
  1. Inform visitors of current research activities of LUMCON scientists.
  2. Promote awareness of marine and coastal environments and their connection to land.
  3. Clarify the scientific process and how it is used to make environmental decisions.
At LUMCON, students become scientists. Through field and laboratory activities, students develop lasting impressions about how they can make a positive impact on their environment and communities. Overnight or day trips are designed to meet the needs of K-12 school classes, K-12 school organizations, home schools and scouting organizations.

Scouting troops have worked with LUMCON educators to earn the following badges and patches:
  • Water Drop Patch
  • Water Wonders Patch
  • From Shore to Sea Patch
  • Oceanography Badge
Individual students entering grades 9-12 in the coming fall are welcome to apply for LEAD Camp, and spend a week at LUMCON working with scientists and educators to learn about Marine Science.