K-12, non-formal, and university educators travel to LUMCON to improve their effectiveness in teaching science. Several programs help teachers understand the scientific process, learn marine/coastal science and gain confidence in active learning methods. In addition, workshops lasting 4 hours to one week can be designed to meet school or district needs for professional development for teachers. Contact Ms. Murt Conover for more information about any of the opportunities listed below. Teachers are also encouraged to apply for and participate in summer university courses or internships. For more information about course schedule or internship topics, please refer to the summer program web site.

From H-2-O: A Water Quality Workshop for Teachers

Dates: June 2 - 5, 2015
Application deadline: May 16, 2015
Cost: Free

Program Description: From H-2-O is a multi-day residential workshop. The workshop is held at the DeFelice Marine Center in Cocodrie, LA. Participates will spend about 2.5 days immersed in a coastal estuarine environment. The workshop consist of both field, laboratory, and classroom work. All activities are designed to ensure that participants have the knowledge and skills needed to use Bayouside Classroom with their students. Each new program teacher will be paired with a mentor teacher or instructor. Mentors are used to help provide a unique and in-depth learning experience. Workshop funding provided by BTNEP.



Science Inquiry in the Marsh: "Hands on - Waist Deep"

Cost: $25/person/day

Program Description: A new 9-12 hour program to help teachers become more comfortable teaching science using inquiry. Teachers review inquiry skills, variables, and basic processes controlling salt marsh ecology; work in teams to ask a testable question and design a strategy to answer that question; implement their strategy; and present their results in discussion with their peers and instructors. To schedule contact education@lumcon.edu.

Bayouside Classroom Training

Cost: $25/person/day +$300/person for sampling supplies

Program Description: A new 6-20 hour program in which teachers learn how to sample water for temperature, clarity, conductivity/salinity, pH, and dissolved oxygen using Bayouside Classroom protocols, and why this is important to marine and aquatic science and stewardship. Time is also devoted to entering data onto the Bayouside Classroom web site, retrieving it from the web site and using data to test hypotheses. Teachers will receive a complete set of sampling gear and learn how to set up a site for water sampling that is convenient to their classroom. To schedule contact education@lumcon.edu.


Bathymetric Mapping Research Cruise
Marsh Methods


Recognizing Runoff Through the Watershed--Non-point Source Pollution
Phytoplankton Identification Guide
LUMCON Specimen Collection list