Wetland Warriors Adult Education Workshops

The workshops, offered in 2011, aimed to provide various civic group leaders, leaders in the community, members of the media, journalists, teachers, informal educators, artists and government officials with current scientific research data about Louisiana's wetlands in an understandable and reusable format. Participants developed a better understanding of the formation of wetlands, ecology and importance of wetlands, the natural and anthropogenic causes of wetland loss, the complexity of wetland management and the pros and cons of the various restoration methods as well as protection methods. The workshops ended with a group discussion session to initiate partnerships within the audience to create additional educational and action opportunities for the general public. Participants received a binder of reference materials.

'Wetland Warriors' aimed to increase society's knowledge and clarify complex issues on the science of wetlands, management, restoration and protection methods in Louisiana.

The workshops were supported by the Dauphin Island Sea Lab and NOAA Coastal Services Center in support of the Gulf of Mexico Alliance.