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University Educator $90/half-day (4 hours)
$150/full day (8 hours)
Boat Operator $50/hour

Vessels, educational rates only

R/V Acadiana $ 350 for 4 hours; $700 for 8 hours
R/V Dos-Gris (30' Aluminum Pontoon) $125/day + fuel cost(capacity: 15 people
R/V Calliou Boca (26' Boston Whaler) $175/day + fuel cost (capacity: 15 people)
R/V Whiskey Pass (23' Aluminum V-hull) $125/day + fuel cost (capacity: 10 people)
R/V Fearman (19' Monark) $90/day + fuel cost (capacity: 7 people)
R/V Big Al (17' Monark) $90/day + fuel cost (capacity: 5 people)
R/V Safe Boat (17' Semi-ridged V hull) $90/day + fuel cost (capacity: people)
Canoes/kayaks $12/canoe


2 person dorm room $15.00/person/night 6 rooms available
4 person dorm room $15.00/person/night 12 rooms available
Handicap dorm room $15.00/person/night 2 rooms available (4 person capacity)
Private Dorm (share bathroom) $30.00/person/night if available
12 person dorm $15.00/person/night 1 available
1 bedroom apart. (2-4 person capacity) $25.00/person/night 3 available
2 bedroom apart. (6 person capacity) $35.00/person/night 1 available


Breakfast $5.00 (cold) $7.00 (hot)
Lunch $6.00 (bag) $8.00 (hot)
Dinner $12.00 (regular) Market Price (Seafood Dinner)
Note:  The DeFelice Marine Center provides meals for groups with a minimum of 10 people. Add 20% for special menu (e.g. vegan, gluten-free).

Other Facilities, rates per day

Educational Lab when educator is not requested - $30

Facility use is charged as two separate bills:
  1. Dorm, meals, marine educator, canoes/kayaks and facilities fees
  2. Vessels
**You should wait to receive an invoice in the mail or until the end of your field trip because your activities may have been different than originally planned due to fewer people or unpredictable weather, and you want to pay the correct amount.

For reservations or more information contact the education department at (985) 851-2800.