Field Trip Fees & Payment

Vessels (contact vessel operations)

R/V Acadiana  $ 350 for 4 hours; $700 for 8 hours
Small Boats  Fuel cost & $50/hour if boat operator is required
Canoes  $12/canoe


DeFelice Marine Center 16 2-4 person rooms $15.00/person/night
1 12 person bunk room $15.00/person/night
4 1 bedroom apartments $25.00/night
1 2 bedroom apartment $35.00/night
2 Handicap rooms (2 bunks each) $15.00/person/night
Port Fourchon 4 4 person bunk rooms $20.00/person/night
1 Laboratory w/2 extra beds $20.00/person/night
1 Screened porch for sleeping bags $20.00/person/night


University Educator $90/day
Boat Operator $50/hour


  Cold Hot
Breakfast $5.00 $6.00
Lunch $6.00 $7.00
Dinner $10.00 or $15.00 and up for seafood
Note:  The DeFelice Marine Center provides hot cooked meals for groups of 10 or more people.  Meal preparation can also be arranged for groups of that size at the Fourchon laboratory. Meals are not available at the Fourchon lab on weekends or holidays.



Facility use is charged as two separate bills:
                                     1.)  Dorm, meals, marine educator, and facilities fees
                                     2.)  Vessels

You should not pay the bill until the end of the trip because your activities may have been different than originally planned due to fewer people or unpredictable weather, and you want to pay the correct amount.


For reservations contact Cindy Sevin @ (985) 851-2800 ext. 0 and for more information contact the Marine Education Staff.



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