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  1. Application fee
    A non-refundable $30 application fee is required to process your application. Please include a check or money order made to LUMCON with your application. The application fee is not applicable to interns.

  2. Registration fee (tuition)
    Applicable tuition and university fees for courses and internships are paid to the university through which the student registers. Out-of-state students please contact the University Education Coordinator for assistance. Many Louisiana universities allow out-of-state students to register as a visiting student or summer-only student without having to pay out-of-state tuition.

  3. Workshop Fee
    Courses offered for credit but not taken for credit require students to pay a $125/week workshop fee in addition to any course fees. This fee does not apply to participants in Coastal Landscape Photography.

  4. Course Fee
    Some classes require students to pay a fee for course costs, including travel, darkroom supplies, and/or textbooks.

  5. Room and Board Fee
    Students are strongly encouraged to stay in LUMCON dormitories while their class is in session, because classes generally last all day and may extend into evening hours. Please see the fee table here for current room and board rates.. Rate covers your dorm room (all week) and meals (breakfast on Monday thru lunch on Friday). Students who live near LUMCON may elect to commute to class daily and reduce their room costs.

Note: Highly qualified students may apply for a LUMCON scholarship to help defray the cost of housing and meal expenses.