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Special Problems
Directed research and study at Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium
Course Fee: $0.00
Prerequisites: by arrangement through faculty member and university education coordinator
Credit: 1-6
Instructor(s): LUMCON faculty

Coastal Landscape Photography
An intensive week-long course that utilizes the magnificent and endangered backdrop of the Louisiana estuaries to introduce students to basic B/W photography. Includes training in camera operation, subject composition, darkroom chemistry, and gallery presentation.
Dates: May 16 2016 - May 20 2016
Course Fee: $400
Prerequisites: Basic photography background; 35mm camera
Credit: 1
Instructor(s): Dr. Gary LaFleur (Nicholls State University) Dr. Dennis Sipiorski (SELU)

Marine Invertebrate Ecology
In-depth study of the interaction of marine and estuarine invertebrates with their environment. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the functional role of invertebrates and how the environment shapes morphology, physiology and behavior
Dates: May 30 2016 - Jun 17 2016
Course Fee: $200
Prerequisites: Introduction Invertebrate Zoology, Marine Ecology or permission of instructor
Credit: 3
Instructor(s): TBA

Introduction To Marine Science
Introduction to chemical, geological, physical and biological processes in the oceans and coastal environments; interrelationships of humans and the marine environment.
Dates: May 30 2016 - Jun 24 2016
Course Fee: $250
Prerequisites: Introductory science course or permission of instructor
Credit: 4
Instructor(s): TBA

Marine Field Ecology
Relationships of marine and estuarine organisms to environmental factors; interactions among organisms; ecological processes of energy and materials flow; communities and ecosystems of the Louisiana coastal zone
Dates: Jun 27 2016 - Jul 22 2016
Course Fee: $250
Prerequisites: general biology, invertebrate or vertebrate zoology, and introductory chemistry, or by consent of instructor
Credit: 4
Instructor(s): Dr. Brian Roberts (LUMCON), TBA

Coastal Field Geology
Sedimentary environments, coastal processes, and environmental geological problems of the Mississippi delta plain.
Dates: Jul 11 2016 - Jul 29 2016
Course Fee: $200
Prerequisites: two semesters of introductory geology courses or consent of instructor
Credit: 3
Instructor(s): Dr. Alex Kolker (LUMCON)