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Small Boats

Small Boats

LUMCON operates a number of small boats for use in the lakes, bays, and sounds of Louisiana. Most of these vessel are trailerable and come equipped with life saving equipment and navigational electronics.

Here is a partial list of available small boats (Click on name for picture.):

R/V Dos-Gris - 30' Aluminum Pontoon --$250/day plus fuel & oil
R/V Calliou Boca - 26' Boston Whaler --$350/day plus fuel & oil
R/V Whiskey Pass - 23' aluminum V hull --$250/day plus fuel & oil
R/V Gray Goose - 21' Custom Cabin Hull --$250/day plus fuel & oil
R/V Fearman - 19' aluminum Monark --$175/day plus fuel & oil
R/V Big Al - 17' aluminum Monark --$175/day plus fuel & oil
R/V Safe Boat - 17' Semi-ridged V Hull --$175/day plus fuel & oil
R/V Silver Bullet - 16' Aluminum Scully craft --$125/day plus fuel & oil
R/V Marsh Bug - 16' Alumitech Airboat --$275/day plus fuel & oil
R/V Odie - 14' Aluminum Scully craft --$110/day plus fuel & oil
R/V Swamp Thing (Fourchon) - 14' Jo Boat --$125/day plus fuel & oil
R/V ME - 12' Jo Boat --$110/day plus fuel & oil
Canoes - ' --$12/day plus fuel & oil

Operator--$55/hour fully funded rate; $50/hour educational rate

Trailering--LUMCON will trailer a boat to another location, e.g., Fourchon Camp, at $0.52 per mile plus an operator at $55/hour ($50/hour for educational users).

LUMCON small boats (except canoes) are available at reduced rates for education trips, students and LUMCON member researchers conducting unsponsored research. These uses must be requested of the Marine Operations Office and are subject to approval by the Executive Director. These users will reimburse LUMCON for fuel used and trailering fees (if applicable).

All users of LUMCON small boats will be charged for damages to small boats resulting from the user's neglect. Users who establish a record for abusing LUMCON small boats will be required to have an operator aboard. This policy will also extend to individuals inexperienced in small boat handling or the local waterways. The costs for an operator will be added to the daily rate.

All users must complete a Louisiana small boat certification course available online at www.boat-ed.com. All users must either show proof of competence in handling small boats or participate in a 1-hour LUMCON small boat-handling course. This course is offered 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday - Friday.

Please contact Chuck Guidry or Joe Malbrough, Marine Operations Office, LUMCON, 8124 Hwy 56, Chauvin, Louisiana 70344 (985) 851-2807 if you have any questions or wish to reserve any vessels.

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