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A Perfect Place to Learn

A Perfect Place to Learn

June 18, 2013

Most teachers dream of an island getaway. 
Six lucky teachers from around Louisiana got just that.   The Beyond the Bay workshop was held on June 7-8 at DeFelice Marine Center through LUMCON’s teacher education program.  This is the second Beyond the Bay workshop to be offered by LUMCON.  LUMCON educator, Murt Conover, said “There is a demand among teachers to understand and experience the islands.  If they are going to teach about how the islands provide habitat, diversity, and storm protection they need to have these experiences and opportunities to take back to the classroom.

“Teachers that attended this summer’s Beyond the Bay were given information about the formation, structure, nature, and threats to Louisiana barrier islands.  Teachers were joined by LUMCON coastal geologist Dr. Alex Kolker, LUMCON REU summer interns, graduate students and Joe Dantin (BTNEP Public Involvement Coordinator).    Together they explored Trinity Island from a science perspective.  Teachers, students, and scientist worked together to collect data to assess the overall state of the island.  Activities included beach profiling, longshore current assessment, vegetation survey and beach seining to capture fish.

The LUMCON teacher education program strives to offer many opportunities for teacher from all over to experience Louisiana’s coastal and marine environments.  “LUMCON has such great resources and the perfect location to teach people about our coast.  It is so wonderful to get to offer these workshops to teachers” commented Conover.  “I would like to thank the people at LEEA for making this workshop possible”.

This workshop was funded by the Louisiana Environmental Education Association (LEEA).  Additional staff support provided by Joe Dantin from the Barataria Terrebonne National Estuary Program.