Dr.   Edward Chesney Dr.  Edward Chesney
Associate Professor
Phone: 985-851-2838
Fisheries and fish ecology especially as they relate to the early life history or larval stages of fish.
Dr.   M. J. Dagg Dr.  M. J. Dagg
Retired, Research Professor

Zooplankton processes in the ocean Climate change and the ocean
Dr. Alex Kolker Dr. Alex Kolker
Associate Professor
Phone: 985-851-2837
Geological Oceanography and especially sediment dynamics: I am particularly interested in examining climate and human effects on coastal zones.
Dr.   Nancy Rabalais Dr.  Nancy Rabalais
Executive Director and Professor
Phone: 985-851-2801
Biological oceanography-continental shelf ecosystems influenced by large rivers, benthic ecology, distribution and dynamics of hypoxia, eutrophication, environmental effects of habitat alterations, integration of science and policy.
Dr. Brian Roberts Dr. Brian Roberts
Associate Professor; REU Program Director
Phone: 985-851-2821
Ecosystem ecology and biogeochemistry: I am interested in understanding how human activities affect the capacity of aquatic ecosystems along the continuum from headwater streams and lakes to large rivers, estuaries, and open-ocean ecosystems to process and retain nutrients and energy.
Dr.   Paul W. Sammarco Dr.  Paul W. Sammarco
Phone: 985-851-2876
Larval dispersal and recruitment processes in corals, particularly as they pertain to the continuum from highly localized dispersal and recruitment to distant dispersal.

Adjunct Faculty

Dr.   Quay Dortch Dr.  Quay Dortch
Phytoplankton nutrient limitation and utilization, especially in relation to eutrophication, Harmful Algal Blooms, and hypoxia.