Dr. Alex Kolker
Assistant Professor

Mailing Address:
Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium
DeFelice Marine Center
8124 Highway 56
Chauvin, Louisiana 70344

Phone: 985-851-2837

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., 2005, Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
    Stony Brook UniversityState University of New York
  • M.A., 2000, Ecology
    Stony Brook University,State University of New York
  • B.A., 1995
    University of California, Santa Cruz, CA

Research Interests

  • I am interested in the natural, climatic, and anthropogenic processes that govern coastal systems.
  • Paleochannels as pathways for submarine groundwater discharge in the Mississippi River Delta (Funded By NSF, with Tulane and U.N.C. Chapel Hill).
  • Sediment dynamics and biogeochemical cycling in the Wax Lake Delta (Funded by LA Sea Grant, with Brian Roberts- LUMCON; Student: Ciara Chambers -Tulane University)
  • Morphodynamics and Ecological Functioning in the West Bay Diversion (Funded by National Wildlife Federation student; Student: Alex Ameen - Tulane University)
  • Submarine groundwater discharge in deltaic settings (with Tulane University and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Current Projects

  • How Atmospheric Centers of Influence Short-Term Sea Level Change (with Stony Brook University)
  • Metagenomics Dynmamics in Oil Impacted and Non-Impacted Marshes in Barataria Bay (with Tulane and Los Alamos National Laboratory).
  • Impacts of Deepwater Horizon spill on the chemistry of coastal wetlands (with Texas A&M; LSU and Georgia Tech)
  • Hurricane impacts on Louisiana's Coast (CREST)
  • The Development of a River Dominated Coastal Wetlands Observatory (Funded by LEAG, with Collaborators at UNO and Texas A&M)
  • Dynamics of the 2011 flood on the Atchafalaya River Shelf (with Louisiana State University).
  • Determination of subsidence rates in the northern Gulf of Mexico (with Stony Brook University and The University of Texas, Austin)
  • Examination of biomarkers in coastal sediments (with Texas A+M University).

Research Group

  • Alex Ameen, Graduate Research Assistant
    • B.S., 2010, Environmental Sciences
      University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

  • Ciara Chambers, Graduate Research Assistant
    • B.S., 2012, Environmental Science
      Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

  • Cyndhia Ramatchandirane, Graduate Student
    • B.A., 2011, Geosciences
      Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA

    • M.Sc., 2013, (Candidate) Earth and Environmental Sciences
      Tulane University, New Orleans, LA

  • Alex Breaux, Graduate Student
    • B.S., 2012, Geology
      Tulane University, New Orleans, LA

  • Annelise Muscietta, Graduate Student
    • B.S., 2012, Geology
      State University of New York, Oneonta, NY


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